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As a Broker or Power Broker Member you get unlimited access to tools, resources, and your own website




You keep 100% of your loan origination points charged to the borrower.


Marketing Jump Start Package

You can purchase realtor, banker, loan officer, and property owner contact leads directly from ICS. Our lists are quality, scrubbed, and ready to call / email.


You need contact leads to begin building your book of business to establish relationships with commercial real estate owners, realtors, bankers, and residential mortgage brokers. Without contacts, you have nothing to work with. ICS provides the contacts you need to get started. We show you how to contact them, what to say, and what tools to use to make this process as seamless as possible.



Realtors with Phone & Email


Bankers & Residential Loan Officers


Property Owner Contacts





You will first complete the ICS 20 Hour Online Commercial Loan Sales Training Course, including passing the ICS Loan Officer Certification Exam. Our 20 Hour online course covers the basics of commercial lending, loan programs available, how to originate loans, package loans, and submit them correctly for lender placement. You can complete the Online Commercial Loan Training Course and pass the exam in 20 hours or less. Certainly grasping over 200 commercial loan terms and loan programs will take longer, but the initial training needed to begin originating loans takes only a 2-3 days online.



Your ICS Lending Partner Support team is available 5 days per week to support you.


Unlimited Support


Your ICS Lending Partner Support team is available 5 days per week to support you and your growing team of Lending Partners. ICS provides all the training and support needed. You and your Network can focus on originating loans and building your business.





Online Training
Lending Platform Access
Forms & Contracts

Online 1003

Video Training

Your Own Website



Realtor & Banker Lists

Available For Purchase

 Property Owner Lists


Originate Nationwide

Instant Rate Quotes

Online in Minutes

Build your own team

and make 20% on all team deals

and team member monthly fees

ICS emails up to 10,000 contacts

for you per month

ICS calls 300 contacts for you

per month




3 Month Minimum



Broker $95/mo | Power Broker $295/mo

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